How to Write a Headline that Gets more Readers? Use What Works

You’ve written a great content, or came out with a solution that millions out there are searching for.

But nobody is even interested to give you a chance and read what you have.

The problem?

No matter what content you’ve written under the cover, without a catching headline, your treasures might be kept unrevealed.

If I squeeze my mind I can tell you there are two ways to write a compelling head line.

The 1st way (the hard one): call it “Re-Invent the Wheel” method, and this goes as follows:

  • Read a lot about copywriting
  • Come out with original headlines
  • Spend months in testing what works and what does not

And I’m not telling you this for joke, but because everyone has this feeling inside “I want to be different, I want to come out with a killer idea that no one ever thought about”. Unless you’ve been a writer for more than a decade, remove this selfish feeling and USE WHAT REALLY WORKS.

The 2nd way: “Use What Works”

Am I asking you to grab the formulas of other writers and use it for your headlines? Am I telling you to be a cheater?!


But not in the sense of “copy and paste”, you should know how and when to apply each formula.

Probably 99% of successful writers are doing this, in fact it’s not cheating, this is just using what experiments have proven to work.

I’m not going to sum up all the headline formulas in this post, rather I will show you the essential elements of the most used ones. So let’s dig in..


  • “How To” Headlines
    1. It should contain key words
    2. It contains a promise
    3. It relates to benefits


  • “List Post” Headlines
  • Using “Why” to start a headline
  • “Big benefit” headline
  • “Command” headline

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